Ray Outstanding Student Endowment (ROSE) Award

The Ray Outstanding Student Endowment (ROSE) Award was established in 1989 in memory of Dale Ray, a Federal reporter who died in 1988. During his lifetime, Dale Ray served as a board member, vice-president, and president of the Oregon Shorthand Reporters Association, now known as the Oregon Court Reporters Association. The award is given each year to a court reporting student in Oregon and includes $500 cash, OCRA fall convention seminar fee, two nights’ lodging at the OCRA fall convention, and a one-year student membership in OCRA. A ROSE commemorative plaque is also presented to the recipient’s school.

Students entering the competition must have a speed level of at least 140 words per minute and will write a 500-word essay discussing why they chose to become a reporter and what their goals are as a reporter, and also may write on other related subjects. Essays will be evaluated by the ROSE Award Committee and all entrants will be notified of the results by mail. The presentation of the award will occur at the fall convention banquet.

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