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Hello OCRA!

First and foremost, I am so honored to be your President this year.  I absolutely love this profession and want to keep the wheels turning for years to come.  Not only am I honored to be President, I am honored to be serving with the current board.  The level of engagement and passion is humbling. Everyone as truly hit the ground running and we are optimistic about our path.

If there is but one thing I have learned in this life, it is the only constant is change.  I think it’s natural to resist change, but it is inevitable.  We must embrace it and learn from it.  Change provides opportunity; the opportunity to reevaluate, innovate, redefine, re-energize.  This is what your 2020 OCRA board is doing.   We are reevaluating how we operate, redefining who we are and what our goals are in hopes of re-energizing our members and profession everywhere.

Our first goal is to streamline the inner-workings of the association.  We are leveraging technology to help us communicate more effectively and keep track of tasks.  We are also in the process of implementing new membership software that will encompass not only our membership database, but a new website, and automate tasks such as sending out membership reminders, newsletters, convention registration, and more.  This is no small task, but I can say that the conversion is in works.

By streamlining day-to-day board services, board members have more time to devote to our second goal, which is strengthening our community relationships.  This is more important than ever as the professional climate continues to change.  It is no longer the time to be the fly on the wall in the room silently taking down the record taking our jobs for granted.  It is the time to push ourselves, to showcase what amazing work we do, what tools we can provide, the integrity with which we are the keepers of the record.  We know we are the best, and it’s time to make sure everyone else knows that as well.

Strengthening community relationships is no small task.  It will take not only board action and committee action, but individual reporter action.  As a board, we are working on a very positive campaign to present to the legal community, a campaign that will empower our membership to start conversations with individual clients, for firms to be able to hold lunch-and-learns for bigger firms, and for our board to present to different bar and legal associations in the community.  By staying positive and confident in what we do, by embracing technology and change, I am sure we will remain the gold standard for years to come.  Technology is incredible.  The things technology can do these days is incredible.  Technology plus the human touch?  Unstoppable.

Again, I am so grateful l for the opportunity to serve as your President.  I am excited and optimistic about where we are heading.

Ryan White, RMR, CRR, CSR/CCR

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