Oregon Court Reporters Association
Code of Professional Ethics

1.     Maintain impartiality toward each participant in all proceedings.

2.     Remain alert to the fact or appearance of a conflict of interest.  Immediately notify all parties present at the proceedings if a conflict arises.

3.     Guard against the fact or the appearance of impropriety.

4.     Preserve the confidentiality of all parties in proceedings.

5.     Remain truthful and accurate when making verbal or written statements advertising stenographic qualifications.

6.     Refrain from behavior that might adversely affect the stenographer’s ability to properly perform a stenographer’s duties and any illegal activity related to a stenographer’s qualifications, functions, or duties.

7.     Maintain the necessary skills and professionalism to perform the duties of a stenographer. 

8.     Accept only those assignments for which the stenographer has the necessary skills to produce the verbatim record, and decline or withdraw from an assignment if the stenographer does not have the necessary skills.

9.     Fulfill promised delivery dates, including extensions requested and granted.

10.     Notify the client if/when a substitute stenographer is being assigned to the proceeding and assign only another stenographer as a substitute.

11.     Refrain, as an official reporter, from freelance reporting activities that interfere with official duties and obligations.

12.     The stenographer shall preserve and file their shorthand notes in a manner as to be retrievable.  Transcribed notes shall be retained for a period of not less than five (5) years, untranscribed notes for a period of not less than ten (10) years, or as required by statute.

13.     Charge fees independently and equally to all parties unless set by statute.

14.     Refrain from accepting or giving gifts, incentives, and rewards (directly or indirectly) that exceed $150 in the aggregate per year per client or potential client.

15.     Maintain the integrity of the stenographic profession.

16.     Abide by the Bylaws of the Oregon Court Reporters Association.

Adopted October 2020

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