President’s Message

Debby Bonds – OCRA President

I don’t know about you, but I love spring!  And around here in Eugene, the daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are blooming and that’s a beautiful sight after a winter of rain.  I know, I know, we need the rain!  I’m just saying the blooming of bulbs and trees that have been dormant all winter makes me want to spring into Action!

I know some of you followed the NCRA and their anti-contracting stance debate.   I was honored to be part of the group of state leaders from all around the US that worked diligently to get us access to the board meeting.   The group of state leaders took action to bombard the NCRA with emails and letters until they let us participate and made access available.  Action!  A few states were able to get their leaders present at the meeting to be able to speak on behalf of the state associations and they made captions available via StreamText.  It was great to be able to see part of the NCRA board meeting.

Some of our own members have stepped into action in taking on the role of Convention chairs.  A big thanks to Robin Reger, Sylvia Robles, and Robin Nodland for heading up the Spring Convention!  I’m hoping to see many of you there at Steno de Mayo!  They’ve got some great stuff lined up for us.  Make sure you check out the flyer and registration attached to this InBrief.

Also a big thanks to Denise Zito-Smith and Sara Wilson and their committee for taking on the Fall Convention.  They are working hard to get that put together.   And yes, they started a few months ago!  Don’t forget to save the date and tell your friends.  We are hoping to have a big turnout.

We couldn’t have the conventions we put together without great volunteers that spring into Action!

I’m excited to hear reports from Denise Zito-Smith and Marilynn Hoover about their recent trip to the NCRA Legislative Boot camp.  They got an intensive 2-day training and then got to visit Capitol Hill to meet with some of our legislators.  Action!

The legislation committee and our lobbyist, Elizabeth, have been busy too.  They have been working on a document that outlines the “best practices” when hiring a court reporter for court.  Elizabeth met with the Oregon State Bar Procedures and Practices Committee and is working with them to get some best practices in place and then followed.  Action!

So of course on that note, I’d invite you all to jump in and Volunteer!  I don’t want anyone to miss their opportunity.  There are many ways we can all contribute.  The Fall convention committee can always use help.  There’s going to the local high schools and talking about our profession.  There’s helping with putting on an A to Z class, or there’s help in donating a used machine to those that are putting classes on.  And our board is still looking to fill the position of PR Chair.  If you want to help, but don’t know how, contact me or anyone else on the board.  We can help direct you.

So don’t be left in the cold.  Spring into Action!

Go out and enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine (some days) and blooms!