President’s Message

Debby Bonds – OCRA President

 I can’t believe summer is just around the corner.  Last year at this time I was floating down the Colorado River, deep in the Grand Canyon, and I am there reflecting on the memory of it often.  It was the most challenging — mentally and physically — memorable, and relaxing vacation I had ever taken.  We literally had to unplug (no cell phone service in the Canyon!) which was awesome.  It really makes you stop and just enjoy what’s around you and connect with nature and the people you’re with.

There’s a side channel called Little Colorado that is so turquoise blue, it’s unreal.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I did some of the most challenging hikes I had ever done (Upper Deer Creek aka The Death March) and the scenery was awe-inspiring and incredible.  Did I mention a fantastic sunrise and sunset every day!?  Words don’t do it justice.  Go do it if you have the chance.  I enjoyed it so much, that next year at this time I’ll be doing it again!

That trip I definitely pushed myself to do things I wouldn’t have thought I could do.  I really think we all should do that occasionally, whether it’s a hike, a trip, or stepping outside of our comfort zone to take on a project or volunteering.  I never saw myself being involved with our OCRA board.  That was a challenge I thought I couldn’t take on.   I always thought that was for someone else, not my thing, not in my wheelhouse, and here I am almost done with my presidency.  It has been exciting, challenging, and I’m so glad I did it.  I have met and actually gotten to know so many people that share the same profession I do.  That has been a huge benefit!  It’s great to be part of this group.

Please take time to read all through the newsletter, which is one of the benefits we get as members.  I know there are some great articles that people have taken the time to write.   Thanks to all who do that!  And a big thanks to Elisa Kloster for all she does putting this newsletter together!  She does a fantastic job.  You’ll get to hear about Elizabeth Howe, our lobbyist, a bit about her and what’s she’s been up to and plans to do.  You’ll hear about the Steno de Mayo seminar, which was awesome.  Sorry if you missed it!  We had a great committee and big thanks go out to all that made that happen.  It was fun to network and hang out with everyone, which is another benefit of being part of OCRA!

If you’re not already involved in a committee and want to get plugged in somewhere, please let me know.  We have a few openings.  If you want to help and don’t know how, let me or someone on the board know and we’ll help you figure it out.

Now go out and challenge yourself!  Take a longer walk than usual or go to a different place to walk or hike.  Enjoy our beautiful summer here in the Pacific Northwest!