President’s Message

Genie Kelley – OCRA President

Summer is finally here!  This has been a long, tough winter for all of us so I’m especially thankful for the beautiful weather we’re enjoying.  Lucky we live Oregon – there’s so much to do outside!  Although I have to admit, my production goes by the wayside this time of year as it’s increasingly hard to pump out transcripts when the outdoors is calling my name.

This year I’m celebrating my 36th year as a court reporter and I know many of you are of the same vintage as me.  Almost daily someone will ask me about the profession, usually a witness, and it feels good to say that after all this time I still love my job!  As I’ve said before, my focus during my presidency is to promote the profession and get the word out, and in that regard Alane Harrold and I gave a presentation at a local high school, which was interesting.  We had a fairly good turnout, but trying to engage high schoolers turned out to be more difficult than we imagined!  Robin Nodland has arranged for OCRA reps to attend a school counselors’ convention in October, and I think that’s the way to go is get those folks interested in what we do and in turn have them relate back to the students.

One benefit of being President is that you’re in the loop of what other state associations are doing and how they handle situations or their business affairs.  I can tell you, we’re very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of volunteers in Oregon that give of their time to serve in so many ways that both promotes the profession and saves our association a lot of money.  For example, many states hire an executive director to take care of membership, finances, etc., and that can be cost-prohibitive for smaller associations such as ours.  As others have done in the past, I would encourage you to get involved and help to keep this association vibrant and healthy.  As in most things volunteer, what you give will be returned to you many times over!

Just a few of our stellar volunteers that deserve your gratitude are Robin Nodland and her committee that put on a fabulous spring convention, all the speakers that donated their time and talent:  Carol Studenmund, Terri Mundt, Cheryl Haase, Robin Cassidy-Duran, Jan Schmitt, and Amanda LeGore, who performed realtime reporting for House Bill 3242.

OCRA has so many superstars!  Now get outside and enjoy!