President’s Message

Genie Kelley – OCRA President

How can it be that a year has passed since I was elected President?  Hard to believe.  After I take on a new task that I’m not completely sure I’m ready for, at the end of my commitment I always ask myself “So would you ever do this again?”  And I can honestly answer yes to serving as a board member for OCRA, and especially to the office of President.  I think some of you shy away from this position thinking it’s just too much, and I thought the same but said yes anyway, but truthfully it hasn’t been too burdensome.  It’s really a matter of being accountable, and I have to believe that court reporters are wired to do that every day anyway, right?  During the process I’ve enjoyed meeting other state leaders and it’s really been a privilege to get to know the NCRA officers.

I attended the NCRA convention in Vegas in August and came away with the impression that we as a group are making headway with getting young folks interested in our field again!  The A to Z Program is quite active in some areas of the country, and I think we have several people in Oregon that are contemplating stepping forward in this regard.  OCRA is sponsoring a booth at the Oregon School Counselors Association event in October to highlight our profession as well, hoping to reach high schoolers through the counseling/career centers in our state schools.

I was fortunate to have sat next to Mark Kislingbury at the awards luncheon in Vegas and was very encouraged to learn that his school is quite affordable and has an impressive graduation rate.  Mark has both a physical school as well as an online program.  There are announcements regularly about some great job openings and also the lack of available reporters, so knowing we have a renewed interest and schools to support new students is encouraging news for our profession.

Thank you for your confidence in me to lead our organization.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege.   The OCRA board is comprised of wonderful people and I always look forward to our meetings.  We accomplish a lot, always with our membership in mind, so I encourage you to serve, and I’m quite certain you will have the same enjoyable experience that I’ve had.

Looking forward to seeing you at the beach.  Happy Fall!